Packaging system with Inclined conveyor
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1. Components
①vertical form fill seal machine.  ②11 head weigher ③Z type bucket conveyer
④Vibrator feeder    ⑤Working platform        ⑥take away conveyor  ⑦Metal detector  ⑧check weigher

2. Application
Suitable for weighing and packaging different kinds of products, such as candies, seeds, jellys, fries, coffee beans, peanuts, biscuits, chocolate, nuts, yogurt, puffy foods, pet foods, frozen foods, etc. It is also suitable for small hardware and plastic components.

3. Main Features:
◆Fully-automatically complete all the process from feeding, weighing, filling and bag-making, date-printing to finished products outputting, checking whether there is metal during products and check whether the weight is correct or not.

◆High weighing precision and efficiency, saving labor cost.

4. Specification:
◆System output: ≥3456 tons/year.
◆Packaging speed: 30-60 bags/min.
◆Packaging accuracy: ±0.5-1.5g (depends on the material)
◆Packaging capacity: 10~1500g

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