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Function and Characteristics

1. Replace the traditional manual packaging, help the enterprise to produce and package automatically, raise the effi  ciency and reduce the cost;

2. Reach the hygiene standard of food machinery processing, the parts contact with food are made of 304SS.

3. Pouches are pre-made, the outlook is prefect and the sealing is of high quality;

4. A wide range of pouches are applicable, such as multi-         layer composite membrane, PE or PP pouches, and paper pouches;

5. A wide range of materials could be packaged, solid granule, liquid, sauce, powder, etc.

6. Easy to be operated, controlled by PLC, and has interface screen;

7. Equipped with automatic test setup, test the air pressure, temperature controlling system, and bag-    feeding, control the printing set, the filling machine and sealing machine, avoid the waste of materials and

save the cost;

8. Adjust the width of pouch by servo motor, adjust the width of all of claws through one button.

Technical Specification

Model mod


Working Position Of machinery

Eight—working station

Standard function

Giving bag、Date Coding、Open bag、Filling product、Buffering、Buffering、Heat seal1、Heat Seal 2

Bag type and material

Stand up bag, 4 Side Seal Bag, 3 Side Seal Bag, Paper Bag, spout bag,etc

And bag material must be laminated plastic ,and thickness must be 0.06mm to 0.12mm

Bag size

W:90~210mm      L:100~360mm

Filling volume



30—60bag/min (the speed depends on the products material and filling weight)

For zipper bags, capacity 25-35bags/min

Total power


Compress air requirement

0.6m ³/min supply by user



Machine dimension


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