CBW-EA(3) Manual Packaging System
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1. Components
①Diverter device  ② 11 head weigher  ③Z type bucket conveyer
④Vibrator feeder  ⑤Working platform  ⑥Timing hopper

2. Application:
Suitable for packaging kinds of products with good-made bags, such as: puffy food, potato chips, popcorn, jelly, candy, happy fruit, apple chip, boiled dumpling, rice dumpling and medicine, etc.

3. Main Features:
◆Fully-automatically complete all the process from feeding, weighing, filling and bag-making, date-printing to finished products outputting;
◆High weighing precision and efficiency, saving labor cost.

4. Specification:
◆System output: ≥3300 ton per year.
◆Packing speed: 30-70 bags per min.
◆Packing accuracy: 0.3~1.5g
◆Bag capacity: 10~3000g per

5. Structure chart: 

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